The Defender

NEPTUNE BENSON Established in 1956, Neptune Benson has proudly served the commercial aquatics industry for over six decades. Our Defender® line of regenerative media filters has become synonymous with the term “RMF” in the industry. With over 20,000 installations in 45 countries, we have the filtration and disinfection experience to help meet your water quality needs, while keeping sustainability and safety of your guests top of mind.


Looking to make the jump from sand filtration to RMF technology? Experience up to:

     • 90% Water Savings
     • 50% Energy Savings
     • 30% Chemical Savings
     • 75% Space Savings
     • 95% Less Particulate

The Defender regenerative media filter provides exceptional water filtration capabilities, along with significant water and energy savings when compared to sand filtration. It has rapidly replaced sand filters as the premier choice for water filtration in various recreational water applications.

Regenerative media filters provide substantial savings in the everyday operational costs of an aquatics facility. To highlight potential savings, Neptune Benson can evaluate your current facility (or upcoming project) and demonstrate a cost saving analysis report, outlining the savings in water, energy, chemical consumption and required footprint when compared to a conventional sand filter.

Defender RMF Difference is Clear!

Neptune Benson Defender Filter