Spear Corporation has been a Leader in the Water Quality Industry for over 30 years. We emphasize the importance of proper installation, maintenance and service for Mechanical Room Equipment in the Aquatic Facility.

Spear Corporation is also a leader in services and maintenance for Water Quality Control Equipment in Municipal and Industrial Applications. Professional Certified Technicians are available for all of our customers on-site Installations, Service Repairs, Training, and Preventative Maintenance. Spear Corporation maintains a dedicated staff of Factory Certified Technicians who specialize in precision installation and quality customer services throughout the states of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio.

Mechanical Room equipment often operates in a harsh environment and requires annual maintenance to maintain peak efficiency and extend its useful life. Spear Corporation commonly but is certainly not limited to Servicing and Maintaining categories listed below for your Aquatic, Municipal, or Industrial facility.

High Rate Filtration Systems

BECS Chemical Controllers

Pulsar Chemical Feed Systems

LMI Chemical Feed Systems

ETS UV Systems

Dolphin/Wave Service Center

Stenner Chemical Feed Systems

Lochinvar Heating Systems