Wafer® UV generator from ETS-UV™ Product Family

The world’s most compact medium pressure UV system for Municipal Drinking Water and Aquatics applications

     • Chemical free, green disinfection solution
     • 9,000 hour lamp life
     • Automatic power stepping 100% – 30% power
     • Hydraulically optimized low head-loss design
     • High disinfection efficiency – 1 to 5 log
     • Validated doses from 12 mj/cm2 RED to 120 mj/cm2 RED or more
     • Separated lamp and wiper access
     • Single sided lamp
     • Dry mounted UV monitors and temperature probes
     • Robust, chemical free automatic wiper system
     • Lamp changes without removing wiper motor
Treatment of:
     • Swimming Pools
     • Drinking Water
     • Process Water
     • Aquaculture
     • Industry Requiring High Quality Water

Wafer® UV generator